Art Specification

When creating screen for screen printing from digital files, it is important that the art be in a high enough resolution or in a vector format to reproduce well. Please provide your art for approval before ordering. Some art charges may apply if they do not meet our art guidelines.

Preferred Art Formats

-Adobe Illustrator files (.ai, .eps)
-Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
-Adobe Photoshop files (.psd, png)

Fonts & Types

-All fonts/text must be included with your file or converted to outlines

Image Size

-Rasterized images meeting 300-600 dpi minimum requirement (.jpg, .png, .tiff)
-All full color artwork should meet our minimum resolution requirement of at least 300 dpi,

Sending Art

Your image files can be emailed to, large files and folders with linked images can be sent via Dropbox or Google Drive links.